Financial Advisor Success: Goal Setting with a Business Plan

One of the biggest mistakes financial advisors make is not having a Business Plan with detailed goals for growth. They are too busy working in the practice doing the day to day activities of running a practice that they forget to stand back, look at the big picture, and plan their business success. They're too busy trying to drum up business to really think about a targeted approach to planning the success of their financial advisory practice.

Hello, I am Suzanne Muusers, Business Coach for Financial Advisors.

In my experience, only one in ninety-nine financial advisors has a plan. Many think they don't need one, but I can assure you they do.  Managing your practice without a plan is like sailing the Pacific Ocean without a map.  This article will teach you four crucial success factors when planning for success and then show you an easy way to create a plan.

First – Who are you aiming to reach?
The "shoot first ask questions later" approach to business marketing has never been particularly successful when it comes to finding out who you work best with. If you market to everyone and anyone you really market to no one.  Your marketing success will be more likely if you decide to select a profitable group of people to send your marketing message. This is your Target Market. My rule is that you can effectively target up to three niche markets.

Second – What is your Promise?
What will your clients get from working with you? What is the promise you are making to them? In one to two sentences, figure out the benefit your client will receive from hiring you. This statement should be featured on your website and in your waiting room and should motivate clients to work with you. This is your Mission Statement.

Third – What do you want to accomplish?
We all want more success in our lives, but few of us actually have written goals regarding what we want out of life or business. How much income do you want annually?  How many new clients do you want this month, next month, and this year? What product or service deliverables do you need to create this year? These are your Meaningful Goals.

Think very carefully about what you want to create for your practice. Do you want to stay stuck at less than your potenital or do you want to shoot for the moon and land there?  While figuring this out, ask yourself if you're willing to do the work that comes along with big goals.

Fourth – What will you do to get new business?
How are you going to attract new clients in droves?  What techniques will you utilize to snare new business? An organized approach is best with four to eight tactics that work well together.  In writing this section, decide where your target client hangs out.  Do they have a professional organization? Where can you network or be a featured speaker? These are your marketing activities.

The written word
The way to make success happen is to plan it!
Write it all out on paper using the Two Page Mini Business Plan for Financial Advisors.  You'll find that creating a structure for your finalized plan will help you sort out what you really want out of not only your business, but your life too.

Live your dream business today! Create a Mini Business Plan and have MORE Income, more free time, and the business success you've been seeking!

Sample of a Financial Advisor Business Plan

Plan Guide, Sample Plans, Marketing Tools, e-course & more!

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  • You'll learn:
    * How to create motivational GOALS
    * How to develop proven growth strategies
    * How to select marketing tactics to attract new clients
    * How to make your brand stand out
    * You need a written Plan in order to create the life you want


This is what you get with the Two Page Program:

financial advisor business plan

1. Two-Page PDF Template – For brainstorming and hand-written notations
2. Two-Page Word Template – To create your final Digital Business Plan for saving and printing as needed
3. Seventeen Page Instruction E-Book

Here are the Bonuses you get for ordering today:

• BONUS ** 4 sample financial advisor business plans with various business models
• BONUS - Sample - Financial Advisor - Wealth Management
• BONUS - Sample - Financial Advisor- Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)
• BONUS - Sample - Financial Advisor- Certified Financial Planner (CFP®)
• BONUS - Sample - Financial Advisor- Registered Representative

• BONUS - The Success Book Daily Action Planner – How to focus on your goals
• BONUS  - Marketing Activities Idea Bank - loaded with marketing ideas to build your business
• BONUS  - Marketing Calendar Spreadsheet - enter all your marketing tactics into the color-coded excel calendar to plan your activities efficiently
• BONUS  - Marketing Return On Investment Spreadsheet - measure your marketing results to determine what you should do more of and what you should let go
Valuable BONUS!! Custom emailed E-Course for Advisors - Written for advisors by Suzanne Muusers - coach to successful advisors -this ecourse is all about how to build a profitable, branded advisory business. This six day automated E-Course is emailed directly to you and will give you tips, tools, strategies, and unique ideas advisors can use to write their Plan.

WHY was this program created?

My name is Suzanne Muusers. I'm an ICF-Member Business Coach for Financial Advisors. I have been coaching successful advisors since 2004. I found that my clients were reluctant to complete the typical thirty-plus page plan, so I developed this two page program with sample plans based on various advisor business models. Advisors can quickly pinpoint the strategies and activities needed to grow their practice. This program contains everything I have learned from coaching successful advisors for many years.

What buyers say:

S.W. Independent Financial Advisor
Before using this
Program, I spent unfocused time on activities that made me feel busy.  Now I have detailed goals that are firmly entrenched in my mind and I use the daily planner to take focused action.  I get out of the office and meet with prospects in a focused strategic manner rather than burying myself in my practice.  This has lead to bringing in more assets under management which allowed me to hire additional staff.

What does this program cost?

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Introductory Price $59.95 (US Dollars)

Financial Advisor Business Plan Template

Bonus Reason to purchase today! You are purchasing this program to improve your practice, therefore your purchase is 100% tax deductible. That makes this an even better deal -- you really can't lose!

*** If you hired me for six months to work on designing a winning business and marketing plan you would spend over $3000.00. By purchasing this system, you are learning in a week what it took me years and years to discover. You will cut years off your learning curve with the sample business plans provided.

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So if the system isn't everything you were expecting, and all my tips and resources don't produce the results you were looking for, just ask me for a refund within three months of your purchase.

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About the Author:

Suzanne Muusers is an ICF-Member Business Coach who has worked with hundreds of successful clients including independent financial advisors, hedge fund managers, and private bankers since 2004. She helps clients develop their Value Proposition, Ideal Client Profile, and Brand Strategy so that their marketing message appeals to affluent clients.

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It works!

S.W., Financial Advisor
"Before using this
Plan, I spent unfocused time on activities that made me feel busy.  Now I have detailed goals that are firmly entrenched in my mind and I use the daily planner to take focused action."

Introductory Price

Regular Price $199.95
$59.95 (US Dollars)
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